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Italian Eggrolls with Spicy Marinara

This recipe was inspired by my favorite restaurant as a kid.  It was a local restaurant called the “Village Café,” and my mom and I would go there weekly.  They handed out coloring pages and crayons to the kids and held contests for the best pictures.  I won a $5.00 gift certificate EVERY time I entered the contest!  I would get so excited whenever I got that winning certificate in the mail.  It wasn’t until I was much older that I realized I probably wasn’t the only kid that won every time they entered.  I’m still really good at coloring.  



2 boxes frozen spinach
2 tablespoons minced garlic
1 large yellow  onion
half a bag of Daiya shredded vegan cheddar
Egg roll wrappers


Roughly chop onion and sauté on medium heat.  Use a clean kitchen towel to wring out frozen spinach.  Take some time with this, because the more water you remove the crispier your egg rolls will be.  Add spinach to the onions breaking it apart as you drop it into the pan.  Add salt and pepper and continue cooking until the onions are tender. Add garlic and turn off the heat.  Let cool and transfer into food processor.  Add cheese and blend until smooth.  Chill mixture in the fridge for at least an hour. 

Place 1 eggroll wrap lengthwise on cutting board or other rolling surface.  Place heaping tablespoon in the center of wrap.  Dip a brush or your clean fingertip in a dish of cold water and wet all four edges of wrapper. Fold shorter sides in about an inch and a half, and then roll it up! (if you are new to “wrapping” you can google egg roll diagrams and see several different step by step illustrations.  Seal seam again with cold water. pan fry in olive oil until golden brown on both sides. serve with giuseppe’s best house marinara (or spicy marinara). enjoy!

Jordan Rowe